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How You Can Help

Covenant House Vancouver helps young people overcome desperate lives on the street so they can make a fresh start. You can help.

We rely on the generosity of more than 55,000 individuals and organizations to provide shelter, food, clothing and counselling to more than 1,300 young people each year.

Many of the kids have fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. Many were neglected or turned away by parents and caregivers who gave up, or who were unable to care for them. Some have aged out of foster care at 19 with nowhere to go and no family support.

They come to us with broken spirits. They think no one cares. They need our help.

Get involved:

To donate by phone or if you have questions about how to help, call: 604-638-GIFT (4438).

You can give street youth a sanctuary and a brighter tomorrow. Read some of our success stories.

Our kids, and everyone at Covenant House, thank you for caring and getting involved.

If you would like to donate goods or services, please contact Marissa Barrie 

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