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Honouring our volunteers with poetry

You Never Know
By Helen L. Marshall

You never know when someone
May catch a dream from you
You never know when a little word
Or something you may do
May open up the windows
Of a mind that seals a light
The way you love, may not matter at all
But you never know it might.

 And just in case it could be
That another's life, through you
Might possibly change for the better
With a broader and brighter view
It seems it might be worth a try
At pointing the way to the right
Of course it many not matter at all,
But then again…it might

To Be a Volunteer

To be a volunteer, it takes...
Generosity, a willingness to give your time to others
Understanding, because their lives might be very different from your own
Empathy, an ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel what they must feel
Compassion, to truly care about making someone else's life better
Patience, because the process doesn't always go as smoothly as it might
Dedication, to stick with the project and see it through

To all our volunteers who have shown these qualities and so much more, thank you for all that you do!

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A big thank you to all our community & corporate volunteer groups!

Big “thank you” to all our community & corporate volunteer  groups who have helped us over the past year. We appreciated all your time and effort in support of the youth we serve. Your dedication has made a big impact in the lives of our youth and for that we are extremely grateful. Volunteer groups help us get through mountains of GIK, clean up our space, thank thousands of supporters and help us give our young people a Christmas they deserve.

Speaking of Christmas we had another amazing backpack season! We had over 244 volunteers both groups and individuals support our Christmas Backpack Program. Volunteers helped us sort and organize thousands of items for over 275 backpacks. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make Christmas a little bit brighter for youth in need.

Because of you...

Someone will have enough to eat tonight.

Someone will have decent clothes to wear.

Someone will have shelter.

Someone will receive medical care.

Someone will learn the skills they need to survive and succeed.

Someone knows there's at least one person in this world who cares.

This world is a better place because you volunteered, and we thank you for it.

Together we can do so much quote

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

April 23-29 is known as National Volunteer Appreciation Week and Covenant House Vancouver would like to send a big "Thank you" to all our Volunteers! This year’s theme is “Volunteering, Eh?” and this couldn’t be truer. Covenant House volunteers provide our youth and staff much needed support and we simply couldn’t provide the services we do without them.

Covenant House Vancouver Volunteers have:

-Donated 11,399 hours of their time last fiscal year (equivalent to 5 full time staff members)

-Thank-a-Thon volunteers helped us thank 13,000 donors this past fiscal year

-GIK volunteers helped sort thousands of pounds of clothing and household items

-We have had over 244 volunteers contribute their time to our Backpack Campaign this past Christmas

- Our youth Mentorship Program has made 25 Matches in total since the launch in November 2015

-At this time we have 134 regular volunteers

Covenant House Vancouver would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of you who volunteer with us whether it is just for one afternoon or year-round. You share your expertise, passion, life experience and patience as you help our youth to become independent adults and you truly provide Covenant House with strong roots.

We thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Thanking Maple Leaf Self Storage

 Maple Leaf Self Storage is a Canadian owned and operated self-storage company that provides businesses and families in BC and AB with affordable and effective solutions for their self-storage needs. 

Maple Leaf Self Storage donated Covenant House Vancouver a 12 month lease for a storage locker at their Wall Street location. Since we have limited space in our storage facility this donation will be a huge help to our Gifts-in-Kind program allowing us to store larger items that will assist our youth on their road to independence.

Thank you Maple Leaf Self Storage! 

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