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We are honoured to be the family our young people need and deserve

A family does many things. It provides basic needs, educates and instills value and identity. But most importantly, it provides love. The young people we see at Covenant House Vancouver have often grown up without loving parents and have begun their lives without the safety and security most of us take for granted.

As we celebrate Family Day, a day dedicated to sharing time with the ones we love and who love us. What about youth who don’t have a loving family with whom to spend the day? For many of our youth, we are their family. We are the ones that provide their basic needs, educate them and instill value and identity. We care for them the way our parents cared for us.

Our job at Covenant House is to be a reminder of hope and possibility - to present these damaged and broken young people with a way off the streets and show them the road to health, happiness and a future that is theirs to choose. We are honoured to be the family these young people need and deserve.

Today is Family Day, please consider giving a gift so that we can continue to be the family our youth need and deserve. Thank you for being a part of our Covenant House Family!

Today is Family Day, please consider giving a gift so that we can continue to be the family our youth need and deserve. Thank you for being a part of our Covenant House Family!

A place to call home….

While hanging out and coloring in the common space at the female Crisis Program Sarah, Emma and myself were speaking about how their day had gone. Sarah stated ‘It’s funny how I always refer to here as home.’ While Emma replied ‘Yea this is the first place I have ever called home.’ Both youth have come from under-privileged and challenging backgrounds. For most of their life, having a place to call home seemed unreachable, until they arrived at Covenant House Vancouver. 

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Young philanthropists support Covenant House

Recently young philanthropists Kiersa S. (left) and Kayla S. visited Covenant House Vancouver to present a donation of $800 collected through their family fundraiser. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to you both for your amazing efforts on behalf of our youth! 

Young philanthropists support Covenant House

One week until our Sleep Out: Young Professionals!

Cold, hungry and alone. The reality of sleeping on the streets is harsh and unforgiving. Many of the youth who make their way through our doors have had to endure cruel life circumstances on the unforgiving streets before they finally find hope here at Covenant House Vancouver. We welcome them unconditionally, helping them begin their journey to leave life on the streets behind them for good.

Our first Sleep Out: Young Professionals edition will be held on February 16th. We are challenging young professionals and emerging leaders to spend one night sleeping on the street to raise funds to support our mental health and addictions programs. Many of our youth struggle with mental illness, often as a result of trauma they have experienced, and many are also battling to overcome addictions.

“Sleepers” will also interact with some of our youth currently staying with us and those who have stayed with us in the past. They will hear their personal stories of how they found their way to our doors and how their lives have changed since. Youth will also have the opportunity to ask the participants why they support Covenant House and why they are Sleeping Out.

Click to learn more, support a participant or donate to the event. Be sure to join in the discussion on Social Media using the hash tag #CHSleepOut.

One week until our Sleep Out: Young Professionals!

Thanking Catfe for providing a ‘purrfect’ outing for our youth

Catfe is part cafe, part foster home for cats, and a community gathering space for cat lovers of Vancouver in need of some quality kitty time. Recently Catfe donated 16 admissions for our youth  as well as warm beverages in a travel mug that they got to keep .  Our young people had amazing time and loved hanging out with the adoptable felines.

It was a great opportunity to connect an organization that supports traumatized youth with one that supports felines also in need of a home and love. 

Thank you Catfe for providing our youth with this fun, unique experience! 

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