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Blast from a past ROP (Rights of Passage) resident

i live'd in covey in vancouver b.c. n then moved into there rop program i lived there for 1n a hlf yrs its was a good experiance and gave me the tools i needed to achieve the level of sucess i have acheived today!!!! even though i was evetually dicharged from the program the skills i learned in the time there has greatly advanced my life to a positive forefront... i currently have achived my red seal as a chef i have my daughter for the summers and am expecting my 2 nd child with my new wife who i have been married to for 1 yr but known for 11 yrs.... witout the staff at rop vancouver (rob & eyvonne ecspially!!! love u guys) i do not think i would have acheived anywhere close to my current accomplishments or be alive for that matter i only hope that you can continue to help at risk youth who were as hopeless as i was

yours truly
Kevin (name changed to protect privacy of youth)

Puts danger into perspective

Our young people tell us frequently about the dangers of living on the streets:  getting robbed while you're sleeping (sometimes even having shoes removed in the middle of the night) or getting assaulted is commonplace.  Street youth say it's difficult to focus on bigger health issues when you're just trying to find your next meal.  This Tyee article shines a light on the sheer danger of trying to survive on the streets.

"On the House" launched today

Covenant House Vancouver's blog is officially launched!

We hope that youth, donors, volunteers, staff and everyone who is interested in street youth and the issues of homelessness will subscribe to our feed and contribute to our blog.

We will be updating regularly so if you subscribe, you will be notified of new postings.

If you would like to submit something to the blog, please email: or simply make a comment.


A Big Merci

I just received a phone call that I thought should be shared with everyone.

Just recently, we had two youths staying with us from Quebec one of whom could only speak French. After staying with us for awhile, Covenant House and Directions joined forces and repatriated them to Quebec. I just finished talking to one of their mothers (who is also strictly a francophone) and she just wanted to extend a grand merci to everyone.

Have a nice day everybody!


Sam's Gift

Sam and his mother came in today with a wonderful gift.  He was adorable with a curly mop of hair and big eyes.  He handed me an envelope looking very proud, $32 in twoonies.

Sam just turned 5, his day was full of fun and he had a cake with cars on it….for his birthday party he asked all his guests to bring a twoonie to help the kids without a bed.

You see Sam has accompanied his mother to St Paul to do rounds in the early mornings and questioned why there were kids on the street without beds, why would there mom’s let them sleep there, aren’t they cold etc..

He asked him mom if they had money could they have a bed, what can we do….she they came up with the birthday party idea and first in mind was Covenant House.

I bent down to tell him how thankful we were and commended his kind heart…I asked if I could give him a hug and he said yes and I received a delightful squish and off they went.  As I turned away I felt the tears well up, what more can I say, amazing! 

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