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Youth prose

No matter how hard I try to escape my feelings, they seem to have a way of haunting me constantly.
Picking at my flesh until my bare bones are exposed to the cold world that I've grown to hate
My poker face is folded
Stop the beat wait - I need a moment of silence to focus describing what's quoted when rhyming
I hope you know that I'm trying
I won't be denying
I'm not perfect; nobody is, no one exists
It's totally fine complete, what I can see is that trust is illusion stuck in confusion
Struggling for movement nothing to do when it's eating away at my brain
Keep me contained in this state
This weekly's blame is replaced
Needing a change of my ways pleading and praying for someone to help
I'm not myself anymore, my positivity died
So stare at my lips and read what sits
Beneath the locks of my minds vault
Resisting inside it twists and it winds
Exhausted from stride
Until indifferently instantly I'm kissing goodbye
All that's haunted my life's history and stalked me night and day
My mistakes seem to be the topic of everything I make
All I want to do is walk away from the path, that I step to catch my breath
Hatch and shed what the clock replays
Every time the hands move, I'm hoping for better days

Decoration artistry

I'm not a big fan of The Christmas, but I was so blown away by the decoration job a youth did in the shelter. It reeks of Christmas and I can't believe the eye this youth has for detail. I consider it his lasting mark on CHV because he did this just before aging out of the shelter program.

He will be missed. I wish I had included all the little birds peeping out of the tile ceiling, but I didn't notice them until much later. I thought I'd share his work with you because it definitely cheered me up this difficult Christmas.

Below are some pictures captured of this creative young person.

Youth challenge staff to hockey match

Yikes.  Some of our youth have been playing weekly hockey games for the past several months and have issued an all staff challenge to play them next Thursday.  They even created advertising for the event.

Sounds hard. I think I'm in.

Rocket Fuel