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Thanks to hard work Jill takes a big step forward

Jill had a very difficult and complicated childhood, which ended up with her struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When you live your life having experienced trauma, sometimes the little hills can seem like mountains. Jill feared being in public spaces, and the unknown. To support Jill in being successful, our Community Support Services (CSS) staff often would escort her to appointments so she would feel confident and safe that she could get things done and return to the Crisis Program.

As months went by, Jill became more and more confident in achieving some major life goals and she enrolled in a course to finish her high school. The school Jill went to was across the city and CSS escorted her to go there the first few times to meet with advisors and enroll for classes, get books etc.

One day I sat down with Jill and asked her if she felt as though she would be able to take the bus alone. Jill said very quickly, “no, I’m not comfortable with that”. I acknowledged what she was saying and we came up with a plan to work toward that goal. Jill told me if she was escorted by CSS a few more times she could try it alone on a day where she did not have classes.

One day the following week I came into the Crisis Program to begin my shift and was greeted by Jill who gave me a high five and exclaimed, “Guess what?” I knew right away that she had done it alone. Jill celebrated the success of taking the bus alone, and did so day after day many times after that. Way to go Jill! 

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Big thanks to Urban Barn for providing our Male Crisis Program with new furniture!

Urban Barn recently redesigned our Male Crisis Program’s shared living space. We recently added more beds to our Male Crisis Program and the common area inside was close quarters for the youth. They provided us with brand new patio furniture to encourage the youth to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and extra space outside. The Crisis Programs couches were torn and in rough shape and Urban Barn replaced with brand new ones for the youth to enjoy.

Big thanks to Urban Barn for their amazing support! 

New furinature thanks to Urban Barn!

A note of thanks from Sister Nancy Brown

Thank you so much for your generosity and your commitment to young people.  Every  time you make a gift to Covenant House Vancouver, you show love to young people who are suffering. You help give them a fresh start at life.

You have made a significant impact for the youth who come through our doors, and you’ve helped give kids like Charlie a second chance. Charlie came to Covenant House as an underage youth who traveled all the way from Eastern Canada to Vancouver hoping for the fresh start that he desperately needed.
Charlie had battled anxiety and other health concerns. His method of coping resulted in mixing dangerous amounts of drugs and alcohol into his life. He had a history of bouncing from one home to another. He didn’t have much stability at all.
Luckily for Charlie, he was blessed with people like you by his side. Donors like you changed Charlie’s life. You showed him the love and support he sought.
We are blessed because you are giving these youth a second chance. Thank you for your generous support.

With sincere thanks and gratitude,

Sister Nancy Brown ,  S.C., O.B.C
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Love to shop? Your passion can help homeless youth this summer!

When we think of homeless people and weather we generally worry about it being too cold not too hot but summer weather can have a negative impact on the homeless as well. People who are homeless often lack places to get fresh water and areas to stay cool. At Covenant House Vancouver we prepare for the heat and make sure our youth have proper supplies and safe spaces.

If you love to shop think about including items for our youth when you hit the mall. Download the care package  inventory list  with you on your summer shopping trips. Feel free to contribute any or all of the items on our list.

For more ways to help youth “Beat the Heat” click here

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