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Vancouver Whitecaps FC Community MVP is Sandy Teel

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Community MVP is Sandy Teel and beginning now through August 2nd at 2:00 PM ET, you can vote for her to be the 2017 MLS WORKS Community MVP Grand Prize winner. The winner will receive a $25,000 donation for their charity of choice. Sandy and her family are choosing Covenant House Vancouver! Be sure to vote daily for Sandy Teel.

Sandy and her whole family are incredible supporters of Covenant House and you can read why she was selected as the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Community MVP:

Sandy Teel is living proof that acts of kindness can change lives. Her son, Andrew Teel, spent his early childhood growing up in many different foster homes. Some of his foster experiences were very negative, but Andrew’s life changed forever when he was adopted by Sandy and her husband. Sandy has helped Andrew overcome the negative experiences of his childhood by sharing her passion for soccer and helping him find positive ways to give back to their community. Sandy and Andrew both avidly support the Vancouver Whitecaps, as well as the Club’s #BuckUp for Mental Health campaign, which benefits the Vancouver Street Soccer League and Covenant House Vancouver, which welcomes more than 1,300 street-involved youth each year. Recently Sandy and Andrew organized the Twoonies for Teens campaign, which has raised more than $49,000 for homeless and at-risk youth.

The Teels genuinely believe that every life is valuable, and recognize that Andrew could easily have been one of the homeless and at-risk youth that they are so passionate about helping. Consequently, Sandy and Andrew have dedicated their lives to helping disadvantaged young people build brighter futures.

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Value Communication is one of our five core principles

Value Communication  - Lying, cheating, stealing; these are part of the street code. It's the way young people are forced to survive on the street. We try to show our youth, by example, that lying, cheating and stealing are wrong, that street values are destructive. Even more important, we teach them that caring relationships are built on trust, respect and honesty.

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Value Communication is one of our five core principles

Thanks to hard work Jill takes a big step forward

Jill had a very difficult and complicated childhood, which ended up with her struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When you live your life having experienced trauma, sometimes the little hills can seem like mountains. Jill feared being in public spaces, and the unknown. To support Jill in being successful, our Community Support Services (CSS) staff often would escort her to appointments so she would feel confident and safe that she could get things done and return to the Crisis Program.

As months went by, Jill became more and more confident in achieving some major life goals and she enrolled in a course to finish her high school. The school Jill went to was across the city and CSS escorted her to go there the first few times to meet with advisors and enroll for classes, get books etc.

One day I sat down with Jill and asked her if she felt as though she would be able to take the bus alone. Jill said very quickly, “no, I’m not comfortable with that”. I acknowledged what she was saying and we came up with a plan to work toward that goal. Jill told me if she was escorted by CSS a few more times she could try it alone on a day where she did not have classes.

One day the following week I came into the Crisis Program to begin my shift and was greeted by Jill who gave me a high five and exclaimed, “Guess what?” I knew right away that she had done it alone. Jill celebrated the success of taking the bus alone, and did so day after day many times after that. Way to go Jill! 

Quote on Courage

Big thanks to Urban Barn for providing our Male Crisis Program with new furniture!

Urban Barn recently redesigned our Male Crisis Program’s shared living space. We recently added more beds to our Male Crisis Program and the common area inside was close quarters for the youth. They provided us with brand new patio furniture to encourage the youth to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and extra space outside. The Crisis Programs couches were torn and in rough shape and Urban Barn replaced with brand new ones for the youth to enjoy.

Big thanks to Urban Barn for their amazing support! 

New furinature thanks to Urban Barn!


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