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What do you do to help street youth?

Covenant House helps homeless, runaway and at-risk young people between the ages of 16 and 24 for short-term residential care through our Crisis Program   and longer term care in our transitional living program Rights of Passage (ROP).

For detailed information on our programs click here

Within 3 to 12 weeks, very generally, our crisis residential program aims to get young people out of their immediate crisis state and into a plan that will stabilize them - returning to home if possible, finding and keeping a job or returning to school with the help of student welfare, and finding an independent living situation.

Covenant House also serves youth between 13 and 24 who are either not in need of shelter or who are not ready for the residential program through our Community Service Centre. Our Outreach workers make contact with the hardest to reach youth living on the street, providing for their immediate needs and trying to establish a relationship of trust. Our youth workers also provide counselling, referrals and assistance with practical needs to both youth staying at Covenant House and those living elsewhere.

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How many homeless  youth are there in Vancouver?

The number varies depending on the time of year and how homelessness is defined. However, it is generally accepted that on any given night there are between 500 and 1,000 homeless and at-risk young people on Vancouver 's streets. A street-involved young person can be someone who is absolutely homeless (no address), someone who is "couch surfing" by moving from one friend's to another, or someone who is still living at home but getting involved with life on the streets.

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Should I give kids on the street money?

If you see a young person on the street and you are asked for money, consider the following alternatives:

    • Give a gift certificate to a local restaurant (McDonald's or Subway)
    • Carry granola bars or other light snacks to offer a young person
    • Refer them to Covenant House Vancouver

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How is Covenant House funded and what percentage of the funds raised goes to the support of the kids?

Covenant House Vancouver is almost entirely privately funded (95%) and 71% of our budget goes directly to program services.

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Are you a registered charity - what is your charity number?

Covenant House is a registered charity and as such can issue tax receipts for income tax purposes.
Our Charitable Registration Number is BN 89767 5625 RR0001.

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How do I donate to Covenant House?

You can donate on-line, by phone or mail. If you have clothing or items to donate, please click here.

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Where is my receipt? How long will it take to get my receipt?

Our peak donation season is between October and February. At this time, we receive higher than normal volume of donations (thank you!). During our busy time, you should receive your receipt within 4 weeks. During our slower times, you should expect to receive your receipt within 2 weeks. If you would like your receipt in 10 minutes, you can donate on-line by clicking here .

If you have any questions about your receipt, please contact our Development Office at 604-638-GIFT (4438)

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How is the majority of my donation spent?

The one thing that is missing from each of our young people's lives is someone to listen to and guide them. This is why a majority of the money we spend each year goes towards counselling for our young people, the majority of whom have fled physical and/or sexual abuse. Our youth workers have been professionally trained to help young people in need and to help each young person find ways to improve their lives.

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What our youth say:

"I would like to thank all the Covenant House staff for their concern for street youth and the young people that are in need of direction. When I was in need of a friend or people who care you were there for me and I really appreciate that sincerely."

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Do you accept donated furniture?

Unfortunately, we have limited storage facilities and no staff devoted to picking up donations. However, please contact our Development Office at 604-638-4438 to confirm whether we can make good use of your intended donation. Please click here for a list of other items we routinely require.

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Do you accept used clothing?

We are grateful to receive age appropriate (16 - 24) clothing that is clean and in good condition. We do not have a pick up service but you may drop off clothing donations 24 hours a day at 575 Drake Street . Please click here for a list of other items we routinely require.

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Can someone come to speak to my company, service club or school etc?

YES! Covenant House can provide a speaker for your event, school, church group etc. Please contact Mark Savard - Development Officer, Community Giving at or call 604-638-4438 to request a speaker.

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How do I volunteer?

Please read about our volunteer program. To receive a volunteer application package, please call 604-639-8920.

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I'd like to work for Covenant House. Can I receive employment information?

Please go to our Current job postings page for information of available positions.

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How are you managed?

Covenant House Vancouver is managed by a senior management team and is governed by a Board of Directors.

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Are you a religious  organization?

Though Covenant House has Catholic roots, we deliver service from a social work/healthcare model. As such, neither staff, volunteers nor youth are required to be practicing Catholics. We do not evangelize any faith tradition to our young people. We respect the multi-faith diversity of our staff, volunteers and young people.

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Can you take me off your mailing list?

Please contact our Development Office at 604-638-4438 for assistance with any donor inquiries or email

 If you have any other questions please call 604-638-4438.

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